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But Ancis trembled before the prospect of flop sweat. Others, like Rodney, fought the flops, but never got out quite far enough.

When he married Singer Joyce Indig, he was close to 30 and still far from the big time.

For Rodney Dangerfield, cool is a dial on a Fedders.

He sets fear on parade, and all its consequences are his best punch lines.

Dangerfield, who keeps his traveling to a minimum and works as much as possible out of his own club on Manhattan’s East Side, has put together one of the best comedy acts in the trade by dealing shamelessly in things other comics struggle to hide—like fear, anger and humiliation. A minute after he hits the lights, his brow throws off sweat like a lawn sprinkler. The whole performance is a screwball incarnation of the comedian’s deepest nightmare: flop sweat, the purgatorial feeling of bombing out, when every joke falls like a barbell and the only laughs come when you introduce the band.

Other guys fight their way past flop sweat, or cool it out.

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People remember Rodney as a regular on variety programs like The Tonight Show and from a host of sidesplitting movies that incited cult followings.There was only one Rodney.” When he was a child and lost his parents at the beach, he asked a policeman, “Do you think we’ll ever find them? “There’s so many places they could hide.” No breaks, no how, no way.His father worked in a bank and got caught stealing pens.By the time most businessmen are playing chicken with their first heart attack, Rodney was planning his comeback from nowhere.

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At 45, he made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.But if you never witnessed Rodney perform his opus, his Las Vegas act, then you missed the definitive comedic event—a contemplative glimpse into the otherwise billowing eyes of this soulful philosopher.

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