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09-Jun-2020 03:01

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Though the belief among gadje (non-Romani) is that we should be flattered by these stereotypes, it is not up to outsiders to decide what racial slurs are and are not “harmless”.

I am so tired of hearing people talk about the "gypsy lifestyle".

WE suffered (and still suffer) because of that word, and it does not belong to outsiders.

I hope they will take a look at some of these articles and perhaps they can see where I am coming from, and why it is offensive.

to so many people, the word ‘gypsy’ has a positive connotation, however erroneous it may be, of a free-spirited, bohemian lifestyle.That is like saying you want to live the ‘nigger’ lifestyle, or the 'spic' lifestyle. No one wanted to be a ‘gypsy’ when they were carting off Romanies to the concentration camps.These folks need to read a bit more about the race they're appropriating.Romani people are fighting persecution all over the world still. What you think a ‘gypsy’ is, I can assure you, is quite incorrect.

You think using this word makes you seem free-spirited, bohemian and unconventional, when the truth is it only makes you seem ignorant.Here are several links, so you can read about ‘the gypsy life’.