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is a Moche archaeological site in northern Peru in the Lambayeque Valley, that is famous for the tomb of Lord of Sipán (El Señor de Sipán), excavated by Walter Alva and his wife Susana Meneses beginning in 1987.

The city of Sipán is dated from 50–700 AD, the same time as the Moche Period.

For a longer post comparing all Southeast Asian girls that link has the info you need.

The Philippines kind of has it all as a single guy’s travel destination.

This is a pretty tough list to do, not because there aren’t enough options because there are too many.

At the end we will go through some honorable mentions and talk about why we didn’t include them.

Most of the time we tried to list full countries so if you visit you will have multiple spots to check out.

Though we did include a few stand alone cities and when you see which ones we are talking about you should understand why.

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Moche smiths made these artifacts out of thin sheets of copper alloys, using electrochemical processes to purify an extremely thin (0.5–2.0 μm) layers of gold or silver coating.

Asian’s are passive people in general and when you check out any most dangerous cities or countries list Asia gets shut out more often then not.

That makes for a good place for foreign men to meet women on a vacation.

We decided to break these down into a few groups, lets start with our favorite Southeast Asian vacation destinations for men.

If you read travel blogs they make Southeast Asia sound like a pussy paradise for a single guy.Welcome to our post on the 10 best travel destinations for single guys.

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