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Wiley of Berrien County District Court in Michigan, was apparently not swayed by their testimony. Anderson pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree, the judge declined to grant him a special status intended for young offenders. But Rick Jones, a state senator in Michigan and one of the authors of the state’s sex offender registry laws, dismissed that defense.The status, under the state’s Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, would have spared him inclusion on the sex offender registry and erased the conviction from his record if he did not violate probation. There is no excuse for this whatsoever.”The prosecutor, Jerry Vigansky, did not oppose a Holmes Act sentence, but noted that it had not been applied to two similar cases in recent months.“That’s not a good message to send into the community,” he said. Anderson and his defenders say it is precisely that culture that makes it difficult to determine if a prospective sexual partner is under age, when introductions occur online and outside traditional social networks. I don’t think this kid should be labeled a sex offender: That outcome doesn’t do anybody any good.” Mr. The law requires people to be responsible for determining the age of their sexual partners, he said, and in a case like Mr.Now, people have all these crazy apps where you can locate people in your vicinity where people want to have a relationship.You should be very careful.”He said he was not bothered by the terms of Mr. There are other opportunities.”That kind of talk infuriates the Andersons. That’s like taking away electricity or heat or gas to somebody, in today’s world.”With their son’s release from jail set for Thursday, they were scrambling to find him a new place to live and satisfy the sex offender restrictions on housing.

Other people will say: ‘I saw your employee on the Internet.

He’s a sex offender, and I will not come to your establishment.’ ”Changing the laws has been a slow fight.

“People talk about it, but when you actually try to introduce legislation, lawmakers start to get really nervous,” Ms. “Because, oh, my God, we’re going to be soft on sex offenders.”Mr.

Anderson’s case as the latest example of the overreach of sex offender registries, which gained favor in the 1990s as a tool for monitoring pedophiles and other people who committed sexual crimes.

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In the decades since, the registries have grown in number and scope; the nearly 800,000 people on registries in the United States go beyond adults who have sexually assaulted other adults or minors.

Lester and Amanda Anderson at home in Elkhart, Ind.