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06-May-2020 16:04

Kids as young as 4 or 5 are doing all Karate styles some of them are exceptionally talented.Training to perfect Karate technique is an ideal sporting discipline.Full contact female combat such as we see in the various Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and some forms of Karate, takes a special kind of woman...Women and girls have more ‘fight’ in them than men - that’s a fact of nature.

Now female martial artists from all types of Karate get respect for what they do.

These days the number of female martial artists is comparable to males.

Female fighters have stepped out of the ‘safety’ of the Karate and Judo dojo into boxing gyms and, courageously, they’re now getting it on in the big melting pot of mixed martial arts.

They have won the respect of the toughest fighting guys and the best informed fight crowds in the world. If a sharp point-scoring Karate Woman gets her fair share of bumps in a ‘non-contact’ bout, imagine the pain of a punishing womens MMA contest.

When it comes to the heat of virtual no-holds barred womens MMA, the rules we associate with ‘normal’ women’s sport don’t apply.

The days of girls doing Karate purely for exercise are over.