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01-Oct-2019 04:31

“We’ll send them a message saying, ‘Your first date begins at this bar.’ And we might have three or four starting venues.” But the dates don’t stop with the first bar. “The groups will turn out and individuals are introduced to various dates on various rounds of speed dating,” said Brett.

“We can move them around to different bars, or bring the whole group to a party venue at the end.

We can have whole groups gathering together for a finale.” Ultimately, though, City Swoon consistently receives feedback that the speed dating events provide singles more excitement than the same boring night at home scrolling on their smartphones.

“People tell us our experience is different,” Brett said.

“We had 700 people there, and we used software to match people.

What we did was create a live-matching software for speed dating.” Brett founded the company with his wife Louise O’Connor, a software developer with 20 years of experience.

City Swoon’s large-scale speed dating events deploy technology while still allowing couples to test out their chemistry face to face.

The company’s first event broke a world record for the largest speed dating event ever orchestrated.

The company is continuing to roll out its service throughout the United States and Canada.“Apps are convenient, but you still have to spend all that time using them.