Task manager not updating xp dating a dutch man

16-Oct-2020 03:36

task manager not updating xp-28

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Trying to close the browser window freezes it and forces me to close it with Task Manager.My version of Windows is valid and I activated it successfully. Same: components, Motherboard, memory, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.My next step to activate Windows update to get the updates to make my system secure.I did not run or install anything on the computer other than basic drivers.

I have to say - IF the meter would have a parameter to 200% - I do not doubt it would go higher than 100%.

Even though Automatic Updates is turned on, it does not run at all. My computer has been on for a long time and I've tried restarting it.

When I go to the Windows Update website, it will say "Checking for the latest updates for your computer..." but will remain like this even for hours.

How is it possible that someone can do something so many times with certainty to have this issue and to read so many are dumbfounded with this?!

task manager not updating xp-58

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And spare me the absurdity of checking for malware, virus, bad drivers.

Anyway - If there is any assistance 'out there' to provide an answer to a Microsoft customer that bought Windows3.1; Windows95; Windows98; Windows Millennia; Windows Xp. Windows 7 on my recent build just for music enjoyment - I would like the courtesy of receiving a solution to this issue. Buying new hardware or OS systems is out of the question WHY?

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