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It’s also not fair to hang all your hopes and dreams on your children.It’s not their job to make you happy, they just do it by default.My petty level will be at 100% and I’m already crossing you off if you have a bad child! If you’re going to spoil a child it better be all of them damn children. I think I put myself in timeout, perhaps in the future I’ll get off the bench and join the dating game.If you made your child into a spoiled jerk, I don’t want you or your hellion around my kid. As of now I’m content to not subject myself to bad dates, surprise dick pics and immature people.

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We have normal baggage; which is the residuals from a previous relationship, which with time can be stored away never to be seen again.

Then we have bad baggage; your new boo’s Crazy Ex, (who they think is harmless) that comes to peak in the windows at 3am.