Tfs reports not updating

21-Apr-2020 05:39

I run into this problem frequently and hope I can get a good answer here to return to in the future as I am sure I will need to.I have googled and looked through the suggested questions here and I cannot find one that is directly related to this issue.The reports consume data from the TFSWarehouse database on the TFS server.So I looked there to make sure the warehouse was being updated.It was easy enough to add the missing field manually, and visual studio then prompted me to refresh the report. The stored procedure used as a query will not allow to refresh fields. The only solution I found is to flip the Query Type to Text and provide the parameter values on the Old thread, but I ran into this using VS 2015 and SSMS 2016. When I went back to SSMS and tried executing my stored procedure, however, I found that passing certain parameter values would cause the query to fail.

The drop down list of sprints in the Sprint Burndown Report was only showing a subset of sprints defined in the system.

I have updated the SP for the attached dataset that the tablix is using.

The refresh worked fine and I can see my new fields in the shared data set when I look in the Fields tab.

If you are getting the data from a stored procedure, you need to open the file and right click on the data model.

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Select Configure, and the correct values from the procedure should appear on the right of the window.

The absolutely easiest way to fix this is adding the following line of code to the beginning of the stored procedure that produces your dataset for the report: After changing the Stored Procedure code, without changing the name and number of fields returned, I could only get the report to seemingly call the new format of the stored procedure by clicking the Refresh button in the report's Preview tab.