Trusting god with dating interrracial dating

06-Apr-2020 16:23

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After all, doesn’t the scripture say, “He who a wife, finds a good thing” (Proverbs )?Godly wisdom suggests the need to find a middle ground between these two extremes.These sites can present a “quick fix” for immature Christians who have become impatient waiting on God’s blessing, and want to take the matter into their own hands.They provide a way for lonely Christians to quickly and, with minimal effort, become linked with someone who is interested in them, even if God is not ready for them to take on a mate just yet.But before you access any online dating site, make sure you consider the following: Make sure you are spiritually, mentally, and financially ready for dating. A person that is not fortified in the Lord may be subject to sexual temptation, financial temptation and other harmful vices.Just because a person is a Christian does not mean that the person has the attributes and character of an ideal mate.

Online dating sites provide a meeting place for single Christians who may be too busy or too introverted to meet people through traditional means.

You must use Holy Spirit discernment as to the “where” and “how” you search for a mate.