Two sides of dating

28-Jan-2020 01:13

They view this as an exercise to see who is real and who is fake.Only after passing their tests will you get to experience the depth of their intelligence.This is a rare side of the Gemini very few people ever get to see, and it's breathtaking. Their sense of adventure and curiosity about the world brings variety that's exciting.Besides their energetic social lives, their personalities are surprising, as well.This brings excitement and opportunity, two things necessary for an interesting partner.Be prepared to learn and try new things, as dating a Gemini will expose you to experiences you never envisioned yourself having.The two opposites of Yin and Yang attract and complement each other and, as their symbol illustrates, each side has at its core an element of the other (represented by the small dots).

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They are constantly involved in multiple activities, and it can be difficult to keep up.They float from one activity to the next, without paying much attention to who or what has remained constant.

After all the longer you keep this a secret, the more it’s going to hurt her (and the relationship) when she eventually finds out.… continue reading »

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