Updating pirated office

06-Mar-2020 16:03

Even though Microsoft has long struggled with piracy issues, licensing is becoming an increasingly less important part of their revenue model.“Although non-Genuine PCs might be able to upgrade to Windows 10, the upgrade will not change the genuine state of the license. Customers that are improperly licensed before the upgrade will be improperly licensed after the upgrade.Millions of people use pirated Windows all around the world, it’s a fact.And in all honesty, it makes sense for them to do so.The joke was that they wanted to get so far away from Windows 8, they skipped 9 altogether and ran all the way to 10 instead.But now it’s clear just   Microsoft wants a unified user base on Windows 10.Sometimes pirates aren’t pirates at all, but simple sailors who got on the wrong boat and are confused when they look up and see a Jolly Roger.The counter-argument to all this of course is that Microsoft is piracy by offering amnesty with Windows 10.

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The move is also seen as an olive branch to China, where as much as three quarters of all PC software, including Windows, is pirated.

But it’s unclear how that logic holds up after closer inspection.