Updating smoothwall kernel

22-Apr-2020 14:29

Development If your card was not supported by Smoothwall, you must download and install the developer edition of Smoothwall Express 3.

Once you have a working driver you can log into your box and run * MANUAL * option and type in the name of the driver for your card.

If you have selected the proper module for your card and have the driver installed correctly you will be allowed to continue.

If your card is not supported we will have to skip it for now.

This should also be the basic idea if you want to do it in reverse, connect a cable modem to your box and route wireless to your house.

There are some fairly advanced Linux topics in here so if you are not comfortable with compiling programs or using a command line you may want to look into other solutions such as DD-WRT. Smoothwall 3 now includes basic wireless tools and several wireless drivers (mostly 802.11b).Choose the GREEN (RED is modem/ISDN) option instead.

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