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17-Aug-2020 21:46

Staging a site on someone else’s server is in my opinion the ideal solution.Changes made on the copy will not slow down your website.The staged website is hidden and no search engine will ever see it.All changes can be made with the confidence that they will not affect your real website. If you want a no-brainer approach to staging and testing a Word Press website, WP Stagecoach is a solid choice.Downloading the official Word Press Classic Editor plugin seems to have solved issues of the few bug reports I’ve seen related to Gutenberg. A user reported success using Updraft Plus Backup Plugin as part of their Word Press 5 upgrade: I have successfully used Up Draft Plus Word Press Backup Plugin in the past.

I have successfully used a free plugin for staging a site as well. My motivation for using that plugin was to try something new and I was very satisfied with the results.Most plugins, themes and Word Press itself will run with a minimum of PHP 5.6 as they are backward compatible.But you can’t count on software to be backward compatible.PHP is the scripting language that powers Word Press and all the themes and plugins associated with Word Press.

Using an outdated version could cause conflicts that result in a buggy experience.Up Draft Plus comes in a fully functional free version and a premium version that has more options.