Validating a measure of teacher technology integration

26-Jul-2020 04:44

It is to be considered that these devices should be a maintained and carried on process given they are effective in enhancing schools, increasing teacher quality, and boosting student achievement (Day, 1999; Hargreaves, 2000; Opfer & Pedder, 2011; Verloop, 2003).Hoyle and John (1995) identify teachers' professional development in their book named "," as "the process by which teachers obtain the knowledge, skills and values which will enhance the service they provide to them" (Hoyle & John, 1995, p. Vonk (1991) debates that teacher professional development is the process of acquiring skills, professional knowledge, values and personal qualities that provides teachers to reconcile within the educational system.Garet, Desimone, Birman, and Yoon (2001) have argued vital features of professional development activities that have significant, positive effects on teachers’ self-reported increases in knowledge and skills and changes in classroom action: (a) focus on content knowledge; (b) opportunities for active learning; and (c) communication with other learning activities.There are also studies which have examined the effect of principles on teacher professional development.Avalos (2011) notices that teacher professional development is about teachers’ learning, learning how to learn, and transforming their knowledge into practice for the benefit of their students' growth.

Smith (2005) believed that approaches to teacher education emphasize teacher reflection in teachers’ professional development.Lawless and Pellegrino (2007) discuss that teacher professional development plays a vital role in developing teachers' instructional actions in the content areas, knowledge of standards-based evaluation, use of new instruments and strategies.