Validating input data in flash

14-Jul-2020 14:42

This is useful as you can use the error object to restore the value input by the user using the field Value tag: Another important thing to note about errors in Grails is that error messages are not hard coded anywhere.The Field Error class in Spring resolves messages from message bundles using Grails' i18n support.

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Since we only want the year a movie was released, we’re going to use the “Between” validation. Now when you enter text outside of our age range (18 to 25), you’ll be met with a pop-up error message telling you about your mistake.If you use Google Sheets to collaborate with others, you can prevent people from typing the wrong data in your spreadsheet’s cells.Today we’re going to learn about input restrictions, and how to use them to ensure improper data isn’t corrupting your workbook. We’re going to use dummy data to set input restrictions on age, although we could also use it for gender in this example, by requiring entries to be a single letter: either M or F. Select additional cells in the column you’d like to add validation restrictions for. Click the Data Validation icon, and select the top option, Data Validation.

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In this case, we’ll select to row 15, and ensure that each college student answering our survey questions is between the ages of 18 and 25. Then, we’re configuring a minimum value of 1887—the first motion picture created—and a maximum of 2500, which should be sufficient for the needs of this spreadsheet.