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h--all the gopls; gopl-nathah-- the master of all the gopls; sriye-- the opulence of love and affection; astu-- let there be; nah--upon us.TRANSLATION May Goplnathajl, who attracts all the gopls with the song of His flute and who has begun the most melodious rasa dance on the bank of the Yamuna in Vamslvata, be merciful upon us.Chicago’s experience in youth violence prevention, through the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, and adolescent health, through the Illinois Caucus on Adolescent Health make them ideally suited to lead Dating Matters in their community.The city has demonstrated a strong commitment to violence prevention, including teen dating violence, via an integrated public health and public safety partnership that includes strong collaborations between the Chicago Public Health Department and Chicago Public Schools.Whatever incidents are outstanding, however, I shall later elaborate.

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TRANSLATION I shall describe only in synopsis that portion which Vrndavana dasa Thakura has described very elaborately in his book Caitanya-mahgala.TEXT 4 TEXT dlvyad-vrndaranya-kalpa-drumadhah- srlmad-ratnagara-simhasana-sthau srlmad-radha-srlla-govinda-devau presthallbhih sevyamanau smarami SYNONYMS dlvyat-- shining; vrnda- ar anya- - in the forest of Vrndavana; kalpa-druma-- desire tree; adhah- -beneath; sr!mat--most beautiful; ratna-agara--in a temple of jewels; simha-asana-sthau--sitting on a throne; srlmat--very beautiful; radha- -Srlmatl Radharan I; sr!There is also a description of the many books written by Srlla Rupa Gosvam I, Srlla Sanatana Gosvam I and Srlla JIva Gosvam I.

TRANSLATION I have therefore given only a synopsis of those incidents, and whatever specifics were to be related have already been given in that synopsis.

Dating Matters takes place in a virtual school setting, complete with navigation through school hallways and classrooms.

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