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28-Sep-2019 21:57

She loves travelling and playing tennis is her passion.

Till present context sometimes she is asked about her sexuality but she proudly mentions being straight.

By sixteen she was legally emancipated, working steadily in Hollywood.

And now she's leading the way across the grass on gold wedges to a table in the yard of a rambling house behind a high fence that seems more fanciful than real, like the set for an adult fairy tale, art-directed by Diego Rivera.

She shares the place with her longtime boyfriend, as she prefers to call him, Sebastian Gutierrez, who directed Gugino and a recurring ensemble of their beautiful and talented friends in the Elektra Luxx films, and also more recently in the full-length Web movie "What's cool is that all these films really started as an experiment," Gugino will later say.

"The idea was that if we have a very solid piece of writing and a very small crew, and people who are all at the top of their games, we could make cool movies that you can't make in Hollywood right now." It's this kind of thinking that has been Gugino's blessing and curse: Having carved out a rare niche for herself as a working character actress, she's largely disappeared into her roles, some of which were not very big to begin with. "I didn't realize the effect it would have until people were becoming confused.

Her bio also explains she has not any story getting previously married.

They are not married yet but Carla seems excited to make him husband.Carla is good in kitchen and her interest also includes internal decoration.

The freedom to do what they want, when they want and how they want.… continue reading »

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