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So when Conor sings “My wife takes a vacation / One she can’t afford / I go fishin’ the alleys / For someone to escort / No, I don’t mind the money / It beats betting on sports / And though it might get expensive / It’s cheaper than divorce” in “Too Late to Fixate” or “His wife doesn’t talk / Hates when he’s gone / Counts every skirt in his new entourage” in “Gossamer Thin”, We the Believers of The Great Myth are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. This is more of a Fiona Apple and Johnny Cash kind of scenario.We *do* get some excellent lyrics, like the heartfelt sarcasm of “I didn’t know what I was in for / When I signed up for that run / There’s no way I’m curing cancer / But I’ll sweat it out / I feel so proud now for all the good I’ve done.” This would be perfectly at home in any Oberst ditty, along with the grim closing lines: “Sit on the couch and think about / how living’s just a promise that I made.” But vocally, Conor isn’t adding any qualities that we’d particularly want.The biggest problem with labeling which songs belong to Phoebe Bridgers is: what *is* a Phoebe Bridgers song now?

But does it explain this lingering relationship with Conor Oberst? Her Instagram handle is @_fake_nudes_ which is both a funny/quirky choice and one that’s comfortable with its sexuality, fitting in with her overall openness about past shitty relationships. ” is the line of attack from another set of Reddit posters, invariably.

But rather than Time’s Upping him, she simply wrote a withering song to knock him into the oblivion of his own soul. [The previous sentence was written prior to the annihilation of Ryan Adams due his moronic need for an under-aged girl’s attention.

So, yes, eventually Phoebe *did* add to the #Me Too-nami that washed him away, but the original sentence stands in that her first instinct was to crush his withered manhood with a blistering single instead. We knew ye all too well.] From there, her career exploded like lightning from a cloud, i.e. She released an über-well-received LP in late 2017, formed a “supergroup” with like-minded young songwriters in 2018, and…

His ragged monotone cuts scars into Phoebe’s polish.

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Where his voice lends desperation and unvarnished emotion to his own songs, it croaks out knives into the flawless melancholy atmosphere that Phoebe offers us.Artists need to have the permission to say, “I made it all up! A strummy, one note guitar figure begins, followed by the arrival of Phoebe’s solo voice — You can almost hear the crowd exploding into applause at the appearance of their new queen materializing out of the mist, enough applause and whistling that it conceals the flatness of the guitar line and how the vocal melody demands an additional note that the background composition doesn’t provide.