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Please read on and stay tuned for more from We Are...John Mayer’s first serious electric guitar was a Fender Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature model, purchased sometime around 1996.Lastly, more recently in 2015, he began performing with few different PRS amps.He eventually settled on his own signature model, the PRS J-MOD 100.In the early days, he used Fender combos such as the ’65 Super Reverb and a blonde Vibro-King.In the mid-2000s he began using Two Rock amps almost exclusively.

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For six weeks, his mother had no way of knowing where he was or if he was safe all that time. I think you get the idea, but that's just me talking.

I've never seen dismembered body parts or been threatened with a machete or made to swim across alligator-infested waters in the darkness of night.

I've never experienced these things, much less as a child.

- I have had students from many countries, representing five continents and more than twenty countries.

I have both documented and undocumented students, and every single one of them is a human being who deserves as good a life as anyone.This world, this country has a great shortage of empathy, and especially on the part of many who claim to follow Jesus, probably one of the most loving and caring people who ever walked this Earth. Even so, I still feel in my heart that there are people I know who will turn their backs to these stories. I can tell you firsthand that it's really hard to get these kids to share their stories.