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08-Apr-2020 14:41

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Visit Stack Exchange private void text Box Cod_Text Changed(object sender, Event Args e) private void text Box Art_Text Changed(object sender, Event Args e) private void text Box Desc_Text Changed(object sender, Event Args e) private void Filter() And also consider splitting up your project into layers.Right now you're constructing SQL in your UI layer, which is all kinds of wrong and a maintainability nightmare going forward.You can copy it from your local storage (the default location is ) or download it by clicking this link.Include this file into your project and make sure your application configuration uses the required SQLite Connection to access it.

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I can make the data appear in the grid by scrolling through the binding source.You can refer to Microsoft Data Developer Center for more help or watch the online video tutorial about binding the Data Grid control to EF data.file, generated by the Scaffolding Wizard, contains an Entities collection that can be used as the data source.The edit form View for the Transactions collection has a more complicated layout with drop-down editors, which allow end-users to select the entity from two other collections - accounts and categories.

Therefore, you will need your drop-down editors to display items from these collections.You need either bind entities itself as Data Source to grid, or update property of the corresponding entity when you updating property of projection instance.