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Bearing in mind then that we are dealing with English Translations which are more or less faithful, more or less interpretive of the original language text of the Bible, how should we pick our Bibles?

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" You will also want to ask the question-- "What age range was this translation written for? You need to be aware of this before you walk into Billy Bob's Christian bookstore and plunk your money down on the counter.Thus when we read that Saul covered or uncovered his foot, we are talking about him relieving himself.How should the translator translate this, given that a literal translation will not convey the meaning?Bible sales in America, this year and every year, are huge.

The Bible actually is consistently the best-selling book of all in any given year, and it never makes the bestseller lists.

Let us suppose you are shopping for a children's Bible. If you are dealing with really young children you could go for the Living Bible which was originally done as a paraphrase for children by Ken Taylor, or the Today's English Version (originally Good News for Modern Man) which is written with no words over an eight grade vocabulary.

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