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08-Aug-2020 18:01

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One nice thing about the Affinity questionnaire is that it doesn’t take long and covers what are known as “key life areas”.Due to being part of Match.com, users have access to an international database so your love can literally be without borders.Owned by Meetic (one of the oldest and most experienced online dating providers in the world), users can undergo the Affinity Test which helps to assess their personalities.In turn, this is used to generate “matches”, making it in principle the same as many other online dating agencies in the UK.There are a lot more alternatives to wasting £££ a month where all you're going to get is naff all and a bad chase. Your music taste is impeccable OP i wouldnt look down on someone who used a dating site. If she didn't message anyone ever, she'd never get a boyfriend. I don't have anything against online dating sites, but i wouldnt use one. Some people have no intention of finding a date on them, they just love the attention their profile brings.

Anyway, the reason I ask is that on several occasions is that I've seen people (girls, more specifically) advise people to stay away from online site because of the amount of "weirdo's" on there, which seems a bit bizarre to me. Do you think there is still a stigma with meeting & dating people who you've met online? The sites which charge you are more likely to just be scamming you out of money, though does offer you your money back but I'm sure you'd have to appear to be actively stalking/pursuing women.Due to the more serious nature of Match Affinity, singles here tend to be a little more careful with who they contact. Both men and women are, on average, 33 years old and are at a time in their lives when finding a serious partner is weighing heavily on their minds.Many members also join the site with marriage in mind.On signing up it said I had 24 hours to cancel - but there was a notice on my account saying that I couldn't cancel the repeat payment until all 3 payments had been made. - maybe - but if I paid, did that mean they could not reply to me unless I went direct to the GMAIL - so then why pay.

Having read the reviews about difficulties in cancelling I immediately contacted my credit card - unfortunatley they had to honour the first payment but will block all future payments - you are legally within your rights to do this - check with citizen advice web page.... But the idea to pay to see these many many users who added me was tempting.

I honestly don't see how else to start a conversation on these things.