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He said that we should record it right away,and that’s how we came up with the lyrics.”“Looking back at my audition, i was pretty critical, then. I wouldn’t forgive the world with my resisting spirit, then. Happiness for Rap Monster is doing what he wants, living as himself, becoming himself. Name 3 requirements for Rap Monster happiness is Health, Dream, and Love.

In 5 year of primary school Rap Monster dreamed about being a security guard in an apartment. Rap Monster read lots of books and all sorts of writings while writing rap lyrics to increase his vocabulary. When he heard the locking and messaging sounds while fiddling with his smartphone.

On a recent broadcast of MBC's 'Tablo's Dreaming Radio', Younha expertly dodged a question about her relationship status.

One listener left a message asking, "Unni, are you dating? Even when I'm not, I'm going to say I'm not."Tablo responded, "The way I see it, there are occasionally friends who are not dating and don't have a boyfriend, but they pretend they do.

I become more flexible.” “I can think of many nice memories. I’ve felt that my life in the residence was too indefinite.

Now i know how to compromise (He gets to listen to the world). I had complex and mingled feelings.”“Before becoming a singer, i wanted my future to be decided.

Aperson who has to be good at talking, Giving him active lips. ”V was getting private Japanese Language lessons with Rap Monster.

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Younha is one of those, who's primary profession is Musician. ”“In 2011 I made a song by myself and at the very end of the song, there was a part when I had to yell out ‘Rap Monster’. He had a possible path because he was good at studying. Q) If you had a compare Rap Monster to non human, what would they be? I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. All members of BTS got disappointed bcoz Rap Mon won playing scissor-paper-stone for taking group picture on Twitter because they must lifted Rap Mon who has heaviest weight than the others. Rap Mon said that he and GOT7 Jackson are good friends, and said Jackson is very handsome and really good at dancing. Truthfully, this connects with the lyrics of “No More Dream” – when he was studying, he had no dreams. ), Leader Mon (because he is the leader), and God of Destruction. They were kind of like the rising stars of the hip-hop community at that time. To study Japanese, Rap Monster would write down vocabulary words he didn’t know on memos in his cell phone or in notebooks.“Sometimes Rap Mon very clumsy. It’s actually more than he says about them on the shows or interview. He loses his things, he eats others people food without telling them. There was a scene where i was getting a tattoo, and there was a light bulb on the set.

In 2008, Rap Mon was briefly a part of a different crew (not Dae Nam Hyup but with Zico ‘Block B’). Rap Monster proved his 1% ranking with his study methods. After a Month, when i asked him again, he said he couldn’t find it and he will buy me one. However, two months later i found out Rap Mon was using my earphones that i lent him before.” “I’m notorious for having a negative influence on everything and destroying everything in our house.It's a bit suspicious because you got prettier these days."Epik High's Tukutz said, "I never met somebody who wasn't dating after saying something like that," and Tablo added, "Are you saying that even if you were dating, you wouldn't tell people? For example, one of my managers is like that," making everyone laugh.